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Sanitate's Power Skate Program & Benefits

The Program -

Power Skating is strong, fast, controlled skating. Hockey power skating teaches the player proper skating technique, including endurance, agility, rhythm, balance, and strength. As the hockey player begins to incorporate these skills into his or her game, performance is enhanced and injuries are minimized. The earlier these skills become a habitual part of the player's practice and game, the more likely the player is to succeed in the sport of hockey. Sanitates Power Skate has successfully taught thousands of students the skills they need for peak performance.


Program Benefits -

Concentrated advanced balance and agility work to enhance "edge control" and coordination.

  • Emphasis on balance, agility, quickness, starts and stops, explosive acceleration, powerful strides, tight turns, backward skating, and lateral mobility.
  • Active Instructor demonstrations.
  • 2 hours of daily on-ice instruction (ice time depends on type of clinic).
  • All players receive individual attention.
  • Each class is limited to size.
  • Players are divided into instructional groups according to age and skill levels.
  • Full protective hockey equipment and hockey stick required.

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